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LogicalDOC Office Add-in

The LogicalDOC team is proud to announce to all Microsoft© Office© the availability of the LogicalDOC Office Add-In that will allow among the other things to:

  • Browse folders and open a document directly from Office
  • Perform check-out/check-in operations
  • Store opened files directly into LogicalDOC

LogicalDOC Toolbar

Stay tuned with LogicalDOC by installing our dedicated toolbar into your preferred browser. With this new tool you will get direct access to the most important resources of the product. Try now!!

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USA Distribution Agreement

The USA market, the widest and most strategic for LogicalDOC is now directly covered by SanVista, Inc.

Located in the East Coast, SanVista will cover the USA area implementing a direct channel to the market. They will give to LogicalDOC customers and end-users full support for commercial and technical issues.

The Logical Objects board

LogicalDOC 6.1 Released

The LogicalDOC team is pleased to announce the availability of the new release of LogicalDOC Enterprise, that is a maintenance release with some important add-ons.

Among other things, these are the major new features:

  • Barcode support. Barcode in documents are extracted and used to populate metadata.
  • System and User quota. The administrator will be able to constraint the disk usage on a per user basis.
  • Listing tables appearance can be adjusted and saved between sessions.
  • Rating system on documents with stars representation.
  • Multi volume storage. Documents can be stored in one or more different devices/partitions.
  • Ability to Move documents between folders with Drag'n Drop.
  • Metadata extraction from image files.
  • Complete localization for the Dutch language.
  • First implementation of the RTL support for arabic languages.
  • PDF option in the on-line scan applet. You can scan from your PC and directly  create PDF documents.
  • Implemented a restore password procedure.
  • Search for duplicated documents (same digest, title, file name ...)
  • Search for tags option in the parametric search.
  • Improved the PDF parser, now able to extract text from forms

Microsoft Outlook Add-in

LogicalDOC client tools are now integrated into the widely used Microsoft Outlook mailer program. By using this addin you can store emails or use documents as attachments whithout leaving your program.

The Outlook Add-in connects to your corporate LogicalDOC instance and via Web-services increasing your productivity and allowing you to handle your emails with the efficiency of a full-fledged Document Management System.

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