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June 21, 2024

MFP and Document management software: the right match

All companies produce large quantities of documents, which are mostly saved on PCs, mobile devices, servers, or NAS.
To these, we have to add a large paper production, which we usually want to transport and store in digital format. 
This means that a large number of messy documents and information circulating throughout the company are often stored in shared folders without precise order and with great difficulty in searching.

 Using Multifunction Printer


Companies are increasingly using multifunctional devices to print and produce their documents. In fact, it is undisputable that purchasing a multifunction printer (MFP) offers many advantages for a company.

 Multifunction printers combine multiple functions in a single device: printing, scanning, copying and faxing. This reduces the need to purchase and maintain separate devices. It represents a considerable time saving as it offers the possibility to manage all functions from a single machine. Simplify workflows and reduce the time needed to move between different equipment, with a clear advantage in terms of efficiency and productivity. A reduction in costs also accompanies this because a single device represents a lower initial investment than purchasing several separate machines. In addition, maintenance and management costs are reduced. MFPs consume less energy than using more independent devices, helping to reduce energy costs. 
MFPs take up less space than multiple devices for printing, scanning, copying, and faxing. This is beneficial for offices where space optimization is important.
In general, managing a single device is simpler. Software upgrades, troubleshooting, and maintenance operations are more efficient, and IT staff must support and manage only one device, simplifying service operations and reducing downtime.
The reason MFPs are often most appreciated is their versatility and advanced workflow and cloud integration capabilities. Many modern MFPs allow direct printing and scanning to and from cloud services, or offer features to automate workflows, such as scanning documents directly into network folders, automatic faxing or emailing, and digital document management.
Without a doubt, this can significantly improve document sharing and collaboration.
The opposite of these advantages, however, is the disorderly multiplication of numerous network folders, in which the search for documents becomes difficult, storage is dispersed, and version control is practically impossible.
Thus, the paradox is realized that having too much information without control is like not having information!


The advantage of combining LogicalDOC with multifunction printers


We have already seen how LogicalDOC allows direct import from local and shared remote folders, making document management easier.
LogicalDOC can connect to all shared locations - PC, server, storage, etc - and import documents according to the preferences set. 
LogicalDOC can actually monitor all shared folders within an enterprise network, including those in which a multifunction printer saves its documents and scans, and can synchronize all folders with the central repository. 
The advantages of installing LogicalDOC down to a multifunctional device are evident. With LogicalDOC you centralize all the document flow of your company, including the one produced by the MFPs, in a single environment, and when you need to review a document, you no longer have to search for it in the network folders; you can access it directly from Logical DOC. Once scanned, documents are saved in LogicalDOC as PDF, TIFF or JPEG documents, analyzed by OCR (which makes them full-text searchable for content) and made available to all authorized users.
 With LogicalDOC, you can focus on all your documents' security and backup policies, extending them to documents that come from the MFPs. You will also be able to control all access to documents and easily track back the users who made the most recent changes.

 In summary, you will have all the functions of LogicalDOC available on all documents produced or scanned through a multifunction device without additional installations or manual operations, and you will regain complete control over your document base.

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