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Knowledge Management System

LogicalDOC provides a knowledge management solution that will help you quickly access, share, manage, and update your existing knowledge base to get the correct information at the right time.

Knowledge Management System

How an organization manages its internal knowledge base determines how efficiently it is in achieving its tasks. When the enterprises are growing at much higher rates, using an effective knowledge management system is the need of the hour. A KMS is an IT-based content management system that makes the knowledge sharing and analyzing process easy for the users. Therefore, an employer needs to have a robust problem-solving system that ensures that its business will remain ahead in all ramifications compared to its market competitors.

LogicalDOC provides a knowledge management solution that will help you quickly access, share, manage, and update your existing knowledge base to get the correct information at the right time. This is very important for the growth of your business as it significantly enhances your data processing capabilities. According to one estimate, you can save up to 35% of your information search time if your company is equipped with practical knowledge management software. Apart from this, you can also get several other benefits from these systems that, in one way or the other, help your small business grows at a higher pace.

A brief description of some of the key benefits associated with a knowledge management system is discussed below:

Putting an end to Chaotic Information

A lot of business information takes place in a data format that has no form

While carrying out business-related work activities, one must deal with different knowledge management types. Therefore, your knowledge-sharing process or system must be good enough to manage implicit, explicit, and tacit knowledge within your organization. Another difficulty that arises while dealing with such knowledge is that most businesses have their data in an unorganized form. For this reason, employees usually take a lot more time to sort out the relevant information on a particular topic, which ultimately decreases an organization's working efficiency.

Our knowledge management platform will help your business stand its ground with market competitors as it is capable of disseminating information in the best possible and organized manner. As knowledge is among the most valuable assets of an organization, our content management system is designed to operate well at all levels of an organization and makes it easy for you to retrieve any information within no time.

These knowledge management software features will help you save a lot of time which you can utilize later for searching for innovative ideas and recreating new business strategies. This improves your business productivity and gives your enterprise an edge over other service providers.

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Manage Knowledge Life-Cycle

Version and Revision Control

This feature of the system knowledge management allows you to track changes made to your knowledge base. As an employer, you can get all the information like who changed which document and when. This is very important for keeping a record of your data. Once changes are made, a new version of metadata is created. However, it is entirely up to you whether you want to retain a previous or latest version.

Access Logs

Our knowledge management software comes with a complete audit trail feature that gives you all the relevant information related to your knowledge base, like when your data is viewed, shared, downloaded, and deleted. This audit trail function records the exact sequence of events by which your knowledge or information is modified within your management system. Using this function, you can rebuild a previous copy of your data.

Document Approval Route

Internal and external users can take advantage of workflow procedures to automate the processes of editing, reviewing, and approving documents. This makes the whole system more user-friendly as it encourages teamwork that improves overall workflow within an organization.

Annotations and Comments

Annotations and comments are vital in establishing a feedback loop that is very important in analyzing the work progress. Especially when it comes to sharing new ideas, the feedback loop gives you a broad picture of how your business strategies may work in the real market. Moreover, it also helps you maintain your content quality and its presentation.

knowledge management life cycle

New employees can easily understand the organization's techniques, processes, and operations using knowledge management software for sharing and storing data in an organization

Every organization uses its knowledge management system to share and retrieve helpful information for aligning, understanding and disseminating knowledge for its own good. From this perspective, you can entail this sharing knowledge process as a collaboration tool for creating new ideas using the company's existing, explicit, implicit, and tacit knowledge. The main principle behind the working knowledge management and knowledge sharing process is that your center of attention should be creating new ideas to make the right things rather than make things right. There is a massive difference between these two approaches, and it is the approach that determines whether your company is moving in the right direction or not.

For an organization's continuous growth and success, you must look in detail at how rapidly things are changing around you. To cope with such a rapidly changing business environment, it is inevitable that you must update your organizational knowledge. Therefore, there is a dire need for you must establish a system that allows you to relearn, unlearn, and double loop learn the procedures that determine the growth of your business. This is important because the solutions that you used in the past might not work for today or tomorrow. Our knowledge management system will allow you to re-evaluate your core content management procedures to cope with rapid changes in the business world appropriately.

Corporate Knowledge Should be Shared and Used Again

Another important aspect of using a knowledge management system is that you can quickly locate your pre-existing knowledge whenever and wherever you want. This makes the whole system more user-friendly for the customers. Apart from this, its cloud-based management system also gives you the freedom to share your corporate knowledge with your team members even if you are not working under one roof. This is very important for increasing the working efficiency of your organization.

Cutting Down on the Time Spent on Training Staff

Reduce Staff Training

Knowledge management systems are designed in such a way that they are meant to provide quick solutions to your data or knowledge-related problems. They significantly reduce the time you spend on training your staff members by physical means. All you have to do is upload your company-related data on this cloud-based system so your employees can easily access all the relevant information as and when required.

Once your data is uploaded, you can use it in training your staff members. The knowledge management system allows you to give access to your staff members so that they can self-train by reading and learning literature. Since different users have different privileges, providing a system that is well equipped with all the advanced features for daily work activities is necessary. 

A sound knowledge management system is also critical in improving customer service. With all the relevant information, customer care agents can respond to customers' queries within no time. This system also allows you to give your customers the option of answering their questions by providing them with knowledge resources. Overall improve the customer experience and takes you one step ahead of your competitors.

Before implementing a knowledge management system for your organization, you should be conscious of your competitors and what kind of knowledge management and sharing process they use. Based on these criteria, you provide a system that best suits your needs. At present, these knowledge management systems are game-changers. Companies equipped with such systems are far ahead of their rivals regarding their creativity, intellect, innovation, and organization. Therefore, it is the need of the hour that one must shift from traditional knowledge-sharing processes to new, highly advanced knowledge management software.

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