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Cloud Document Management

Cloud Document Management

LogicalDOC Cloud: document management Software as a Service (SaaS), all functions at a fraction of the price

LogicalDOC Cloud is an online document management solution that does not require software downloads nor client installations. The browser is all you need!

LogicalDOC Online Document Management provides a secure way to collaborate, create, and share knowledge with people in different locations. Your customers and suppliers can securely access the documents wherever they are, without the need for a VPN or complex infrastructures.

LogicalDOC technology provides its users with the convenience of balancing workflow, a document management solution, and easy access to files anytime, anywhere. Nobody has to be forced into their home or office when LogicalDOC provides access to your files from anywhere you want, even without a VPN. You can get all these features through a SaaS subscription, using the LogicalDOC software and its functionalities as a service or a hybrid system (see Hybrid Cloud).

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Access anytime, anywhere

LogicalDOC cloud document management is now providing its users complete access to all their files without being restricted to a particular area. Now you don't have to be at your workplace to have access to your work files. You can be in any part of the world and still have complete access to your files at any time you want.


The online document management tool enables everyone to see the same data, the changes being made, the files being uploaded, and everything that happens as is. As a result, the work speed increases, and the risk of making any mistake also decreases, which overall provides better work quality.

No client software

The cloud also makes work more accessible by eliminating the need to download any additional software or apps because cloud tools are designed to be available from any browser on any device. There is no hustle and bustle of apps, software, or distribution. You can manage the cloud system instantly.


LogicalDOC - cloud document management software provides its users with one of the best security and backup systems. It is constantly upgraded. LogicalDOC is highly protected against cyberattacks, and it also provides the most efficient backup system for hardware and software.


The times of sending hard copies and emails are over. The times of waiting for a response in the hope of a positive answer are also over. Anyone can easily collaborate now with the LogicalDOC, and that too without any struggle. Use LogicalDOC cloud document management software to collaborate with people by redlining and printing duplicate files.

Subscription price

Instead of paying for licenses that you might not use in the future, the subscription price allows organizations to pay only for the resources they need. When project-oriented work is required, Client Access Licenses and disk space can be acquired for the project's duration. The lower annual cost of subscriptions can also reduce the company's capital budget and allow better planning of investments.o without any struggle. Use LogicalDOC cloud document management software to collaborate with people by redlining and printing duplicate files.

No infrastructure

Even small businesses can carry out their real-time business processes and records management because there is no need to take care of the infrastructure. The Cloud approach of software as a service is the perfect alternative for companies that want to share and collaborate information but do not want to spend money running an internal data center with sophisticated backup and firewall protocols.

Hybrid Cloud architecture

Saas is the perfect solution for those companies that want to share documents externally quickly but are hesitant to have all their records on the internet due to privacy and security concerns or because they contain sensitive data.

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Practical Examples Of Use

Distribute drawings and documents to suppliers/contractors/customers

  • A simple way to grant access to all forms of project files to third parties.
  • Allow third parties to view and tag documents on your site or only download them.
  • Check for every activity that occurs by time, username, and date.
  • Set reminders to notify you of downloads, views, uploads, changes, and more.
  • Synchronize local content for file access even without an internet connection.

Create a historical archive and repository for the team on the project

  • Make sure that all relevant drawings and project documents are in one easily accessible place.
  • Monitor workflows around documents to verify on-time completion of actions.
  • Notify team members and, if applicable, third parties of new documents, new activities, and versions with the document system.
  • Define new workspaces and specify which ones support document encryption.
  • Files are accessible for post-project reviews and audits.
  • The system keeps track of all actions taken and on documents and folders.

Give your field agents quick access, no matter what device they use

  • Gives quick access to any document or drawing, without the need for a CAD license to users traveling out of the office.
  • Enable users to use the device of their choice like or smartphones, laptops, or tablets.
  • While marking up documents work with users in real-time.
  • Advanced management of access policies restricts users to only view documents.
  • Free native apps for iOS and Android devices.

Offer a cloud access point to receive submissions and inquiries (RFI)

  • Without the need to create an FTP or VPN account, receive submittal files from contractors, suppliers, and customers.
  • Have a full track record of all third parties requests and files.
  • Update documents in the cloud to provide answers and receive RFI questions.
  • Make sure that third parties can only see and upload to folders to which they have access.
  • There is no need for complicated industrial infrastructures.

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