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LogicalDOC 8.8.6 is finally available for download and update

We are really thrilled about this new release which introduces various improvements, fixes problems and brings new features.

The key change is the additional functionality for obtaining confirmation of reading documents.

In practice, a user (subject to specific authorization) can request the reading of a document from a selection of users.
The user receives the notification via email, reads the document, and confirms reading the document when he reaches the last page.
The read confirmation button shows only on the document's final page.
At this point the requester receives the read receipt which is recorded as an event on the system and which can therefore be used in automation and workflow contexts.

To find out more, consult the dedicated article Reading Confirmation.

Here is the list of the main news:

  • New document viewing tickets without login
  • Security policies on automation procedures
  • Read confirmation on documents
  • Permanently disabling users in the event of a brute force attack
  • Add documents to your workflow without going through the clipboard
  • Graphical representation of system usage
  • View statistics on current system usage and historical usage
  • Support for Java 17
  • Automatic alerts in case of brute force attack

As always, the technical team is available for further details about the functions, while sales staff can follow you for price requests or demonstration organization.

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New LogicalDOC App published on Apple Store

The iOS (iPhone and iPad) version of LogicalDOC - File Management has been released, and we couldn't be happier to share the news with you.

With this app, you may access and organize files and folders on a remote instance of LogicalDOC from your iOS device.

This app's features include file management, account administration, video streaming without the need to download, document previews and thumbnails, and a plethora of file uploading and viewing options. It seems sense to incorporate a bookmarking system and a document search function. There is no cost associated with getting and using the iOS app.

It also allows interfacing with all commercial and open source versions of LogicalDOC DMS 8.8.4

LogicalDOC - File Management requires iOS 12 or later, although the older app is still available for compatibility with older iOS versions.

Extra features are also available which respectively allow you to:

  1. Direct camera-to-document scanning
  2. Make changes to a file and submit it for review with comments.
  3. Examine an image's corresponding information and spectrum.

You can download the App from your mobile device on the Apple App Store at the following address: 


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LogicalDOC Enterprise webinar

Check out the new LogicalDOC webinar 💯🔥

This video presents some aspects of LogicalDOC Enterprise DMS: its multilingual interface, the massive import of documents from local folders and shared network folders, the integration add-in for Microsoft Office, the full-text search, the event subscription mechanism, the production of customized reports, the design and operation of Workflows.

More information and insights


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LogicalDOC DMS v8.8.4 is now available

The long-awaited release of LogicalDOC 8.8.4 is here.

Over the past several months, we have been hard at work on the development, and we are excited to share with you some new and noteworthy features.

We list the most important things done and new features added.

  • New Read-only extendend attributes
  • Reference existing docs from index.xml and index.csv of Import Folder to update metadata only
  • Display a counter of imported emails
  • System-wide dictionary for Automation
  • Ability to use Apache GenericTools for Velocity in automation scripts
  • Ability to assign a Tile image to the folders
  • Configurable default groups to assign to new users from LDAP/AD
  • Calculate total number of entries and total size of a folder's tree
  • Support for new YubiKey 5 API
  • Fixed some vulnerabilities
  • New mobile application for Apple iOS devices
  • New methods have been added to the web-service API


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