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LogicalDOC Mobile Applications

LogicalDOC Mobile Applications

Document-Driven Business Processes get a productivity boost with LogicalDOC Mobile for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

If you have a tablet or smartphone, LogicalDOC Mobile lets you manage the corporate content that you need to work from anywhere. LogicalDOC Mobile is a free app for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets that allows you to access any content stored in your LogicalDOC on-premise or LogicalDOC Cloud. You can view, open, and edit documents in other apps, collaborate on content, subscribe to notifications, and perform many other tasks. 

LogicalDOC App on iPad and iPhone

Manage Documents Anywhere

To support users who want to manage documents from their mobile devices, LogicalDOC now provides mobile applications for the iPhone and iPad, and Android devices. Using our mobile app, you can browse by folder, search by document name or content, view documents, take photos, and upload documents – all from the convenience of your mobile device.

Share and Collaborate with Co-Workers

LogicalDOC Mobile makes it easy to access documents and work with colleagues wherever you are. You can download a document, work on it, and send the updated version to the repository. Or, you can download a document and email it directly from your device. With LogicalDOC Mobile, your document versions and historical data are always accessible.

Stay on Top of Changing Documents

Smart Notifications keep you and your team informed about changes to documents and activities. As a work plan is revised, project team members will receive instant alerts on their mobile devices. Approvals are easy to obtain and business processes are accelerated. You also can easily subscribe to comments and changes, reducing the number of emails to manage.

Quickly Find Needed Documents

Android phone

One of the fundamental aspects of document management is the ability to find information you need without wasting time unnecessarily. Using full-text search on documents and their properties, you can find what you’re looking for quickly. LogicalDOC Mobile uses a browser to navigate the repository of files and folders that organizes and holds your documents, giving you complete control over the files you need.

Work on Documents while Disconnected

Often a reliable Internet connection is unavailable, but you still must be able to work and consult on the documents pertaining to your projects. LogicalDOC solves this problem by enabling you to download the documents locally. This feature lets you consult with convenience. The application’s productivity tools let you edit documents and save them for future revisions or discussion with your colleagues. Additionally, you can create documents from scratch and insert them directly into your remote document management system.


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