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Construction Document Management

With the help of a construction document management your business can be essentially paperless.

Construction Document Management

Construction Document Management

Every industry is turning to digital solutions and getting rid of years-old methods. If you are involved in the construction business, one part of the workflow is managing documents. It may involve agreement papers, blueprints, invoices, change in order documents, etc.

To manage your documentation work, you need employees good at this work. Additionally, you need to have extra space for storage, stationery supplies, employees, and so on.

If you have a construction manager, he/she must have efficient ways to handle different workflows involved in the business. Often, construction managers end up being document managers, which must not be the case. This is why you need to move to an efficient construction document management solution.

With the help of a construction document management your business can be essentially paperless.

When buying or considering a document management system for your business, it’s important to ensure that it provides sufficient features to ease your document management work. This is why it should follow some of the key principles playing a crucial role in the industry. These key principles include safety, flexibility, and redundancy management.

When you get cloud-based construction document management, you don’t only get much-needed security but improved accessibility, flexibility, and ease-of-use. With such system, your business's processes or workflow improve, and you can manage your documentation without putting anything at risk.  

Features of Cloud-based Construction Document Management

Here are some amazing features of cloud-based construction document management software:

Local & Cloud BackUp

When backing up your construction documents, redundancy gives added flexibility and security to your documents. You can store your documents both locally and on cloud storage, keeping the document accessibility simpler and better. You can store documents to your local storage and upload them on cloud storage from your location.

Multiple Roles & Document Sharing

You don’t need to provide the same access level to documents to every employee at your company. Managers and supervisors need a different access level, while workers and masonry do not need much access. A sophisticated cloud-based construction management system allows you to limit document access, set multiple roles, and give variable document viewing, editing, and sharing accessibility to different team members— depending on how much everyone needs, set roles accordingly.

Workflow Approval

After the document is created, subordinates' approval is important, just like you do this when creating documents manually. Using a sophisticated document management system, you can get documents approved by your subordinates. The system should invite team members to add the needed comments to the document, give suggestions, and approve the document with the click of a button. It takes the waiting time out of the workflow as you no longer need to keep waiting for your subordinates to visit the document when you can invite them to the document yourself.

Two Layers of Security

When you store documents onsite, there’s a risk of theft or data loss involved. A cloud-based document management system provides security to your documents and removes the theft possibility. While cloud storage is a great option, a better document management system would further secure your documents by adding an SSL layer to your data storage space. Your document protection is important!

Project Reminders

When you have multiple projects, you can lose track of deadlines. It’s important to complete projects on-time. With a document management system having a project reminder feature, you keep getting notified about project completion data. Besides, project reminders allow you to coordinate with other team members timely. As a result, the productivity of your team increases to a great level.

Total Accessibility

Ideally, a cloud-based document management system would offer total accessibility, meaning you can access the documents whenever and wherever you want. You can use your laptop or mobile device to access the stored documents, view them, and perform editing.

Tracking Changes

Sometimes, you can make wrong additions to the documents. In such situations, having the tracking changes features lets you revert to the previous version. You can get rid of false information and create multiple project documents after all the required modifications have been made. It also enables you to find out what changes have been made after the date of document creation, makes your job super easy.

Data Search Option with OCR

You may be looking for a document and need to find it quickly. The system should give you options to search faster. Features like tagging systems, the most amazing OCR-technology, and search filters can find items in length documents with ease and effectiveness. This is a beneficial feature!

Preview Technical Drawings

Documents with projects or technical drawings related to the construction site are often heavier in size. Having a DMS allows you to preview documents without downloading them, keeping the workflow simpler and shorter.
Preview Municipality Dwg Project

This is everything you may require to learn about construction document management features, and it can help you in your business. What do you think? Would you like to give it a try?

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