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Gail P.

Collaborate with Workflow

iconAutomate your business processes with LogicalDOC workflow to increase productivity and reduce costs.

Go Paperless

iconCompletely eliminate paper from the data collection process with e-forms (electronic forms).

Safely Access

iconAccess documents securely at anytime, from anywhere using either the desktop application, a web browser, or a mobile device.

Find documents instantly

iconTurn scanned documents into searchable full-text via OCR. Classify documents with custom fields to enable advanced search.


LogicalDOC is a web-based software made in Java, it can be installed on Windows, Linux or macOS. A common browser is sufficient for use.

Cross Platform

Anytime, Everywhere

Thanks to LogicalDOC Cloud, documents are hosted in a secure and reliable environment, always available and quickly accessible by all your users.

Anywhere Anytime

Save Time

Save your company time and increase productivity: organize documents in the best possible way and increase collaboration between colleagues!

Time Saving

Workflow Engine

Helping You Manage Your Data Vigilantly

The business paradigms have shifted significantly over the past few years. The business processes have also improved and increased, posing a wide range of information and data development. Businesses have appointed multiple executives and staff to help manage their tasks.

It goes without saying that multiple small tasks are chained together to complete a process. However, has it ever occurred to you that these process management and management tactics cost time and money? It doesn't matter if your business is still growing or has reached the corporate level; efficiently monitoring these activities is essential. This management helps in undertaking the problems robustly, promising effective business management. Consequently, it is recommended to optimize services so that managers can focus their attention on business development, which is a positive omen of higher revenues. This option is obviously better than spending time and costs in coordinating on a daily basis.

workflow Engine

Workflow Engine

Our Workflow
Engine Development

At LogicalDOC, we take businesses seriously because we hold business management integral for effective business development and profitability.

This is why we have designed services for workflow engine development. This engine is developed into the IT infrastructure of businesses through which businesses can optimize the processes and coordinate effectively.

The workflow engine helps interconnect the tasks and automate them to work as a whole, generating an automated process. Our workflow engines will help define the tasks and the right time and person. Also, it notifies the workers to complete the job. For instance, once you view some documents, they will be automatically forwarded to higher authorities for signatures.

Tailored Approach


We can tailor the workflow engine through which users can set the alarms for transitioning one activity to a new one.

With this notion, businesses can set timers for a particular activity. Our workflow engine will help reduce the memos to zero. In other words, users can eliminate task coordination and save time.

This way, the users can reduce time consumption, helping them focus on other, more critical activities. Even more, the employees will receive an automated notification, speeding up the work processes. The best thing about our workflow engine is that it helps transparent processing because all the employees will regularly check the notifications.

benefit users

To Users

Employees will see what activities have been done and what are still to be done within the processes.

Workflow engines help in providing enhanced control over the processes, simply enabling them to check the documents. However, there are no hard and fast time rules because users can view the documents anytime. In this way, enhanced transparency between management will be promised.

At LogicalDOC, we have developed the workflow engine that helps make effective and quick decision-making. The excessive paperwork will be reduced, which demands clerks and physical work. This way, you won’t spend your entire day transferring files. All these tasks are automated, reducing time consumption, and all the deadlines will be met.

Improve efficiency and transparency

Our workflow engine helps businesses with higher document circulation and if there are chances of losing the documents. So, if you want to reduce time consumption, improve staff coordination and management, and ensure improved business development, our workflow engine will help. Start now, improve efficiency and transparency with us!




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Record Keeping
Record-keeping is essential for every business because it has become integral for optimizing the numbers and data for the future.

Record Management

Maintain your business records

Record-keeping is essential for every business because it has become integral for optimizing the numbers and data for the future. This is because the higher business authorities have imposed record-keeping for the sake and well-being of the businesses. However, keeping the record of everything can be pretty difficult because businesses have frequent processes going on.

To help every business out, we have designed the record management services through effective team management and a keen focus on details. The business records are pretty sensitive as they hold vital information about business processes and finances, and keeping them in the right place is essential for ultimate security and protection. While thinking about record management, businesses need to consider multiple factors, inclusive of accessibility, space, costs, security, and control.

This is quite a Pandora box, and businesses have other ongoing processes to handle as well. Upon seeing this, LogicalDOC has developed the record management services, aimed at easing the record-keeping for businesses.


Our Record
Management Service

We provide ultimate record management services through our well-designed, protected, and integrated records center. We provide open room services to our clients, so they can see how keenly we focus on the protection and organization of your business records. This way, you will be answered regarding the queries.

However, we understand that managers don’t have time to spend in visiting that prompted us to design virtual tours. With our virtual tour, you will be able to see how we design the processes and have a look at our facilities. The best thing about our record management service is that which document demands recording and what needs to be retained.

This way, we are able to automate the process of record destruction after a proper time period. As for the payment, we ensure the provision of the most reasonable rates because we understand the value of money for businesses. However, the price factor will change according to the needs and size of the business. All in all, we have record management solutions for every business sector and size.


Physical &
Electronic Storage

In LogicalDOC users can keep their records without posing any harm to them. It’s needless to say that we have developed record management services for the businesses that are looking for records saved in electronic form.

LogicalDOC helps businesses save and store physical records, offsite ad onsite, meeting diverse business needs. The services are designed, compliant to the international standards that promise that your records will remain accessible, safe, and protected at all time. In addition, we support industry-standard scanning machines for prompt and robust accessibility.

In addition to the physical records, we promise the availability of electronic record keeping with optimized quality assurance. This way, there are zero compromises on the pixels and resolution of the data. When it concerns our electronic record management, we ensure that all the formats are compatible and are pretty responsive, promising easy and quick access. On top of everything, we conduct daily checks that help us keep security protocols in the tab.

Document Management in the Cloud

With event subscription, version control, and workflow management, you may collaborate and exchange documents online

LogicalDOC Cloud servers may be accessed from a variety of devices (including PCs, cellphones, and tablets), as well as from any location with an Internet connection. Your papers are always accessible, no matter where you are, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without the need for internal equipment or installation.

LogicalDOC Cloud gives you access to all of the enterprise edition's features, allowing you to subscribe to event alerts, track workflow progress, and create automation procedures to process the essential documents for your company. It is also possible to plan operations on files that must be completed by a certain date.

The costs are transparent and fixed, with no surprises; you only pay for what you need, and you do the upgrades yourself (through the web interface), which simplifies IT cost forecasting. You have clever tools for synchronizing local and distant folders, and you can work on documents even when you are not connected to the internet.

Intuitive and Accessible

Document Storage

LogicalDOC Cloud provides an electronic solution for software in which individual or team documents are managed. LogicalDoc Cloud doesn't only works as document storage but it also makes it easier to organize, classify and projects digital files.

By using LogicalDOC Cloud as a Digital Document Warehouse Solution, an Individual or Group can enjoy the following:

  • Establish file organization system for boosting teamwork
  • Backup data of files, hard drives or folders for security
  • Protect documents by file sharing and accessing controls to others

Easy Access To
Archived Files

This systematized cloud document storage software provides access to stored files and documents at any place and from any device which makes projection more efficient. It also provide option of peer sharing spaces and management of documents within the department or project.

Cloud File Management is a system of maintaining and organizing paper documents and digital data with the help of a mouse click. The system is trouble free, secure and provides freedom to organize and maintain the to-do list. The psyche of doing things later fades, as the system provide instant and secure sharing, smooth organizing tools and storage for keeping the physical and computer space free and organized.

Your Business

LogicalDOC Cloud management system will revolutionary transform the workspace of the business and industry. The LogicalDOC Cloud file management system makes document storing, organizing, sharing and securing economical and quick.

There are many practical benefits for transforming your system to cloud file management system, other than just getting free from storm of paper documents and registers of the workspace.

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Client Testimonials

  • Nikky G.

    “Great product, exceptional support”
    Before we implemented LogicalDOC there was a lot of resistance and opposition to such a big change in working practice. It was only a matter of weeks before users were telling me how happy they were and how easy it was. The interface is very intuitive - users understand immediately what they are looking at. It integrates with Office, so we just carry on using the same tools as before. Remote access is a breeze, and we have integrated it with our staff intranet. Now we have proper version control, we don't have documents being overwritten and we can manage duplication and organisation centrally. Finally, the support provided by LogicalDOC is second to none. I can't stress how important it is to have a skilled, responsive support team to call on in times of need. Nikky G. ICT Development and Network Manager, Higher Education

  • Wolfgang Froehlich

    great and reliable tool
    LogicalDOC is a great tool to solve all kind of our Document Management needs, very stabile and reliable, excellent support, modern SW-architecture, good performance. We like it. Wolfgang Froehlich Managing Director, INDUS-VBS GmbH

  • Gail P.

    “Easy to implement and use”
    My co-workers loved that it looks like a typical folder filing system. I personally love the add-ons that allow filing directly to the database from Microsoft products (Outlook, Excel, word etc.) and the "edit with Office" feature. It's very easy to set implement and easy to use. It addresses our concerns for data privacy since we have our own cloud version maintained by LogicalDoc at a VERY affordable price. Gail P. Document Management Specialist, Management Consulting

  • Riccardo Volante

    “A system of document storage easy and affordable”
    Logicaldoc is the solution we were looking for. A system of document storage easy and accessible. Unlike other software equivalents, LogicalDOC is very light, flexible and intuitive. The training time is minimized thanks to its simple and clean interface. Also thanks to the many available webservices we had no difficulty to integrate this solution with our systems and those of our customers. Riccardo Volante ‎IT Manager, ‎Sosel B.C.

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The LogicalDOC Enterprise version is the company's most complete product. It is a scalable and adaptable solution capable of meeting the most challenging document processing needs of businesses and organizations. LogicalDOC DMS is a multi-platform software that provides features for content processing, information management, e-forms, and records management.

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