3 Crucial Benefits Of Cloud Computing

Primarily, cloud computing is the medium through which data can be processed, shared, and managed among a remote public or private network of users. While cloud computing might not have gained the recognition it deserved among a substantial number of masses, it is one of the most beneficial aspects of technology. It can be used for both local and digital business, and it has reduced the use of shelves and the stress involved to the barest minimum level among the cloud computing users. Along with the benefit above are three crucial advantages of cloud computing you need to be informed of. Read along!

  1. Organization of Record

In most businesses, there are one or two kinds of record that must be kept for future reference. Hence, the organization of these records is as crucial as the safety of the information. Luckily enough, cloud computing can perform these two functions – call it Document management. By saving your records via cloud computing, you keep your staffs from the strenuous task of going through a massive pack of record archives which may take several hours – if not days – to locate a single file. Instead, the use of keyword search is enough to go through your document digitally and get hold of the needed records within a matter of seconds.

  1. Time Management

Without much argument, you will agree with us that time can be well spent through document management which Cloud computing can offer as mentioned earlier. And in addition, since cloud computing can be accessed at any time and virtually anywhere, files can be obtained and worked on even after closing hours; this benefit gives you the privilege to work at your own pace, enhance your work rate and enables you to share vital and urgent files to your co-workers without having to travel several miles. All you need is your smartphone or tablet to share, review and modify your idea with colleagues via a remote network. In essence, you get to smartly use your time effectively without jeopardizing the confidentiality of your files.

  1. Record safety and security

Speaking of privacy, this leads us to another crucial importance of cloud computing - which is the safety and security of data. Data safety is an integral part of any organization most especially for those using customer’s data. Cloud computing is second to none in ensuring an excellent customer’s data safety. While cloud computing allows the administrators to share file among co-workers, it prevents any third party unauthorized access. Hence, it serves as a reliable means of securing data through a stable encryption system.

On a final note, cloud computing is a much needed digital staff which all savvy business group must employ for its effectiveness and quick service delivery. And in addition to the three essential benefits of cloud computing stated herein, we are convinced that a positive impact will be seen in your business if utilized.

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Paper cut of eco on green grass

Go Green with Document Management

Over the years, we have been accustomed to these three R’s (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle), and they have become part of our daily activities. These phrases are pertinent to various circumstances, and your business is not an exception. How can you make use of these phrases in your business? However, when there is a reduction in the amount of paper used in the office, your business and the environment will benefit immensely.    

Extreme consumption of paper is a prevalent issue that affects everyone in the nation. For instance, offices and schools are the largest producers of paper products as a result of their consistent copying and printing. On the other hand, more than 300 million tons of paper will be manufactured across the globe on an annual basis.

However, it is saddening that the school and office environments are the biggest culprits in the statistics, and it is surprising that these organizations could not make use of the options available to them.        

The idea of going green is all about adopting a paperless strategy. With the reduction of the use of paper in the office environment every day, you are helping the environment. The paperless idea is a creative strategy that can be instilled in your brand image and an innovative move that can make your business proud. In this case, your business and the environment will be the major beneficiaries.      

Collaborating with a document management firm like LogicalDOC’s will ensure your business save money and time. Apart from the R’s above, we have three E’s which denotes Efficient, Environmental, and Economical. These three E’s will be part of your brand’s identity if you decrease the amount of paper consumption and production in your office.

When there is a reduction in the use of paper, it signifies less copying and printing, and this would help you to significantly reduce the expenses as well as an environmental strategy to preserve trees. When less time is dedicated to searching for paperwork, there will be an increase in efficiency in the workplace.

Therefore, the application of document management based software for the management of your brand’s paper products is a conscious effort towards the idea of going Green. This will increase the prospects of your company considerably. Feel free to contact us to learn more about how we can help your company.

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Published LogicalDOC DMS - REST API v8.1.0

The documentation about LogicalDOC v8.1.0 REST API web-services is available online

The new documentation was published both on SwaggerHub at the following address: https://app.swaggerhub.com/apis-docs/swatzniak/logicaldoc_rest_api/8.1.0
and online in the LogicalDOC documentation site https://docs.logicaldoc.com/resources/wsdoc/rest/index.html

In addition, a mini-application has been produced that, together with the LogicalDOC webapp in Tomcat, allows you to consult the documentation locally and to try live some commands.
You can download it from SourceForge.net at this address https://sourceforge.net/projects/logicaldoc/files/documentation/LogicalDOC%20CE%208.1/

The LogicalDOC's developers team

LogicalDOC 8.1 presses the accelerator on Barcode recognition

In the new version of the LogicalDOC document management system, the barcode recognition functions have been significantly expanded. Previously, the system was able to read many barcode formats. To be exact, it could read up to 16, from Code 39 to RSS Expanded up to 2D codes such as QR Code or Aztec.

The barcode recognition function was, and still is, able to read one or more barcodes on a document page, and dynamically populate the document fields and metadata. If the document is classified with a document template with custom fields, the recognition feature allows you to fill in the fields with barcode values ​​and more. For example, you can use barcodes to "move" a document from the initial upload folder to a folder encoded in the barcode, or you can edit the filename in the same way.

However, the previous version of the system had some inefficiencies, for example, on the same page a "global" recognition was launched for any type of barcode. Since the system supports 16 barcodes and the recognition process is performed on all pages of a document this could be slow. In the new version, 8.1, on the other hand, it is possible to put a "filter" at the OCR level that allows "recommending" the barcode processor on the type of code to search for. This significantly reduces the processing time required by the procedure.

LogicalDOC OCR settings
LogicalDOC OCR settings with barcode filter enabled on: "Code 39"

Another fundamental feature introduced at the barcode reading level is the possibility to apply filters to the recognition scheme. In fact, now you can use regular expressions to filter the codes in a document.
For example, take the following barcode: barcode code 39    FT412574
Suppose you want to retrieve all the codes that start with 2 initial letters and 6 digits. With the following regular expression we can get this effect: (FT|CO|RV).*
In practice with the expression above we are going to capture only the codes that start with “FT”, “CO” or with “RV”.

Barcode Pattern recognition
Barcode Pattern recognition with filters enabled

Other combinations to increase recognition accuracy are available:

[A-Z]{2}(.*) - 2 characters from A to Z and other successive characters in undefined number
[A-Z]{2}[0-9]{6} - 2 characters from A to Z and 6 characters from ‘0’ to ‘9’
[A-Z]{2}\d{6} - 2 characters from A to Z and exactly 6 successive digits
[A-Z]{2}\d+ - 2 characters from A to Z and an one or more successive digits ('+')

For more information about regular expressions in Java you can refer to the following articles:
Summary of regular-expression constructs
Regular expressions in Java - Tutorial
Java Regular Expression Tester

In addition to this interesting feature, at the level of the barcode recognition scheme, the ability to specify the type of barcode to be recognized in a timely manner has been implemented. This will make the result of the reading even more certain and reliable.

Lastly, with regard to the barcode sector, the possibility of interacting with the barcode processor within a workflow automation code has been added. These scripts allow the execution of custom functions that interact with documents and their metadata during the workflow or at other times. In the 8.1 version of LogicalDOC it is possible to pilot the reading of a barcode in order to obtain a value to use, to fill in a field, or to choose a course of action. See the example in the image below

Workflow Automation script on transaction
Workflow Automation script on transaction with BarcodeTool in action

In the image above, in transaction “to approval”, a barcode is read in the documents included in the workflow. The result value of the reading determines whether the document is moved to the folder: "/Default/stocks/Fortune Minerals".
For more information: https://docs.logicaldoc.com/en/automation

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