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Providing organizations with knowledge base is very important to the growth of that organization. Our knowledge management solution entails handling issues in the company that are very vital, making sure that your business is ahead in all ramification, this things are very important especially with the ever growing changes taking place in the business world. This is important because it covers those aspects in the organization that deals with the process involved in accessibility and secure interactions between the information and data processing capabilities, and the creative side of the employees in information technologies.

Putting an end to Chaotic Information

A lot of business information takes place in a data format that has no form

Because of this, a lot of professionals are always scrambling for the information they need to effectively carry out their duty and gain more knowledge on a particular topic. To maintain a business that can stand its ground with competitors, it is vital that you have competent staffs that can get and disseminate information as quickly as possible. As a document management system, LogicalDOC helps you index and secure needed content making it easier to retrieve information in your organization. These important features will save you a lot of time when you’re searching for ideas and trying to recreate knowledge.

With this you’ll be able to make faster decisions when you have all the important information you need. Your employees become more productive when they use knowledge management tools like LogicalDOC that will enable them retrieve information easily without the hassle of going through shared drive or in cabinets. Both your clients and employees will be happy and your organization will have an edge over others out there with a self-service system that is innovative.

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cloud storage

Central Repository- With this, information is arranged into categories and structural workspaces, documents and folders. Any information stored in the central repository can be accessed easily.

The idea behind the knowledge management software is for organizations to be able to share and store ideas that have been curated over time and also help new employees in understanding the techniques, procedures and operations of that organization.  Knowledge is treated as an important resource and key factor in intellectual capital that affords people the resources they need to influence people management.

Manage Knowledge Life-Cycle


Version and Revision Control

Version control tracks who changed which documents and when and can take you back to the former version if you want it to. When a document’s content changes or a user changes metadata, a new version is created.

Access Logs

There’s complete audit trail function on LogicalDOC that tells if a document has been viewed, e-mailed, downloaded and deleted. With this, the exact sequence of events of a folder or document can be rebuilt.

Document Approval Route

With Approval workflows, more than one internal or external user can easily automate, edit, review and approve documents. This helps your team or group work better together.

Annotations and Comments

When it comes to sharing of ideas, annotation plays a very vital role in this. They are very important in terms of feedback loop, and they also help in maintaining the quality of the content and presentation of a document or article.

knowledge management life cycle

This software is used in sharing and storing data in an organization, new employees can easily understand the techniques, processes, and operations of the organization using this software

Every information management process of an organization is seen as knowledge process. Having this in mind, business procedures will entail creating information to disseminate, apply and renew it in order for the company to be able to hold its own and grow. It is important that they focus should be on creating the right things instead of making things right. The principal behind this idea is that the solution that was used before might not be the best solution for today or tomorrow. For a company to thrive, there’s need to relearn, unlearn and double-loop learn, especially in the world of organizational knowledge and with the way things keep changing. There’s need for organizations to re-evaluate their core business management procedures so that they’ll be able to cope with the changes taking place in the business world in order to run effectively.

Corporate Knowledge Should be Shared and Used Again

You can easily find pre-existing information and use its content again in project reports RFQs, documents, offerings and every other recurring document programs using the knowledge management systems software. Using the cloud based architecture of LogicalDOC, you can share files with team members with ease, even if they’re not in the same location as you.

Cutting Down on the Time Spent on Training Staff

Reduce Staff Training

With the use of knowledge management tools, staff training can be cut down to the barest minimum by giving your new hire a faster and more hand-on approach to learning.  Make sure to upload your company’s documents and procedures that will be indexed, this way they can easily get this information when they need it. Every user can have different privileges. You can print or export any information saved in a document management system in any format. These knowledge items can be assigned to people online or your staffs for them to read, learn from and self-train.

With a good knowledge management, customer care agents can do their work efficiently.

To successfully implement a system for knowledge management, organizations should be conscious of their competition. With LogicalDOC, a software platform (even in open source flavour) is provided for based on a particular criteria, the best practices of an archived organization is merged with the actions made by its members. Companies can now perform checks and balances in their organization by separating and connecting the actions made by its members. Here, creativity, organization, intellect and innovations plays a huge role. Replacing the traditional knowledge sharing processes with the LogicalDOC helps your employees to work effectively with their well-being and performance enhanced thereby allowing them to learn more.


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